from Conjunctions

THOMAS  HOPKINS,   "The Ones Who Came after the Ones Who Could Fly"

  from Conjunctions

JOANNA  HOWARD,  "Something Is Missing"

  from Snow*Vigate

OFELIA  HUNT,   "'Eat or Die' Is Only an Unpleasant Threat"

  from elimae

STEPHANIE  JOHNSON,   "My Neighbor Doesn't Remember Everything She Forgets"

  from Night Train

DEBORA  KUAN,   "Notes from the Gutter"

  from Opium

JEFF  LANDON,   "Starfish"

  from SmokeLong Quarterly

YIYUN  LI,   "Sworn"

  from Esquire

ROBERT  LOPEZ,   "Burying the Survivors"

  from Juked


  from SmokeLong Quarterly

PETER  MARKUS,   "The Singing Fish: Revisited"

  from Double Room

LAURA  McCULLOUGH,   "Regina Tips an Object towards the Light"

  from Pequin

COREY  MESLER,   "Writing My Angel"

  from Prick of the Spindle

MARY  MILLER,   "A Detached Observer"

  from Storyglossia

MARY  MILLER,   "My Old Lady"

  from Storyglossia

MARY  MILLER,   "This Boy I Loved a Rock"

  from NOÖ Journal

AMANDA  NAZARIO,   "United States"

  from Pindeldyboz

DARLIN'  NEAL,   "Red Brick"

  from SmokeLong Quarterly

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