Jonah Questions

You know why today's awakening is a bright one. You know why it is a sun inside you. This is the day you stop living inside this whale's belly. The day you will go back to what you knew before. The day you set forth making your sea legs land ones.

Is this what you want?

You will leave behind every mermaid that ever wanted you; the ones with the lavender skin, the ones from the stygian depths who heard whispers of your name for so long they risked the rising just to see for themselves. Those late nights on the tongue, the tonsil swings that made them laugh, how you knew where the pleasure parts of them were and how to use them. These will all be pushed behind you now into a place where we put forgotten things.

Will you be ready?

It is a new beginning for a man that will never live again in a constant state of wet. A man that no longer must eat what has already been eaten. A man who will know the warmth of the sun once more, who will feel its sultry burn and weep for every missed sunrise, every missed sunset.

Can you endure?

Welcome to steak dinners, upturned earth, the flapping of leaves on a breeze, applesauce and car tires. It is a world that has lips and hands and they are all waiting for you on this very special day. Meet them head on. Take back what you have lost. But know that if the world overwhelms, and the sea begins to call with its arms full of safe, there will be no more whales coming for you.

Will you go?

Will you?

xTx is the author of NORMALLY SPECIAL, from Tiny Hardcore.

Read more of her work in the archive.

Detail of pen drawing on main page courtesy of Alice Amelia.

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