Dear Wigleaf,

Yesterday my cat, Otto, got seven teeth removed. They were rotten, his gums all puffy and pink from disease. But surgery didn't seem to bug him. When we brought him home, he went straight for the food, lion-ran the living room, rubbed on legs. His attitude really surprised me! Now, we grind his kibble in a Vitamix, add water, whisk it into a paste. Kitty pâté, my partner calls it. He eats it right down.

This is all to say, Otto's a trooper. Has other ailments, too. Protruding ribs, skin rashes, a nub-tail and a sensitive heart that is easily bruised. He'll just love you, if you talk to him in your kindest voice. Like, You are the handsomest. You are so brave.


- - -

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