Dear Wigleaf,

I heard Leo Paco got arrested. I never liked the guy, he was as crooked as they come. He managed an underground disco under the bowling alley on Main Street. He sold liquor illegally and one night, this is one personal reason why I disliked him, I was at his disco and he came up to me and said, There's going to be a raffle and you're going to win a half gallon of good Scotch. I knew him well, so I said, Oh, yeah? And you're going to hand me the half gallon and let me drink it with my buddies over there at our table? And he said, I'll announce the winner, you come over to the DJ's booth and I'll hand you the half gallon. And then you come back here and hand the half gallon back and I'll give you a free drink. Deal? And I said, Fuck you! And he grabbed me by my disco shirt and said, Take it back. And I pulled away and a button snapped off the shirt, but I didn't say anything. I didn't complain. I just walked away. I figured I had won because I wasn't going to do him the favor. Also, he had come up to me because he knew I was an honest and trustworthy person and by walking away, this person whom he trusted, was sending him a message: You aren't worth a shit. And it was embarrassing for him. But then again, guys like that... What do you think? 

Miguel Gardel

- - -

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