Dear Wigleaf,
Greetings from the mile 67 marker on I-80, which is only 3 miles from South Bend, but unfortunately I ran out of gas here, right on the highway, not in South Bend, where there are plenty of gas stations. This has never, ever happened to me before, in all my years—that's what I told both policemen who have stopped to check on me, not ticket me, during the hour and a half I've been waiting for roadside assistance to come with the 2 "free" gallons of gas provided by our policy. The first policeman pushed my car off the shoulder, into a grassy area, as I sat behind the wheel making sure it was in neutral. When I get to start driving again, I'll be so good. And when I get back to Cleveland tonight, way too late, you won't believe how good I'll be. Everything will be different.
Love, Lucy 

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