Dear Wigleaf,

I am writing this postcard from my cube where I sit day after day and design integrated circuit designs. A simulation is running and there is a multi-color display on my computer screen. Switching signals similar to thoughts, except the ones on my screen are deterministic and logical.

Sitting in a cube is like sitting in a casino. You can't tell the time: it looks the same, feels the same. After staring at my screen for hours, I get up and stretch, look around. Grey partitions and a brown carpet, another person in the adjoining cube punching keys. And I crave a window.

The break room is about fifty steps away from my cube. On my way to get coffee, I solve equations in my head; think about an opening/closing line for my story. Often it does not work but I get a new idea. And I feel hopeful. About my work, my stories and the world outside that is spinning mindlessly.


- - -

Read her story.

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